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Coronavirus Update - Weds 13 May

Dear All,

Further to the latest government advice, I am pleased to be able let you know that we are able to resume tennis at the club courts in a limited way, and under strict guidelines as set out by the LTA.  Coaching will resume on 13th May, and restricted play for members will resume from 14th May.

You can find the LTA guidance here, and you should read the guidance titled “Guidance for Tennis Players” before you consider playing.  It is a short read, and it is important that you follow the guidance, in addition to the interim club regulations which we have in place, which are set out below.

I make no apology that this will read like a list of new rules, as that is exactly what it is..!  We are all painfully aware that while we are being allowed to resume playing tennis, there are others who are still battling on the front line to save lives - your compliance with this guidance is an essential part of supporting their effort.

If you have any queries, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact me directly on [email protected].

I will update you next week with any changes to the arrangements.


Chairman, Stamford Tennis Club

13th May 2020


Stamford Tennis Club – Return To Restricted Play – Interim Regulations

As approved by the STC Committee on 12th May 2020

Court Use

Court 5 is reserved for coaching, with the other six courts available for general play.

There is a maximum of 2 players on a court, playing singles, these people can be from different households.

The one exception is where 4 players from the same household may play doubles.

You must book the courts in advance, through Clubspark. This is mandatory.

Please restrict bookings to 1.5 hours (rule updated on 20th May).

All players must be members of the club, no guests are permitted to play at this stage.

Club Sunday, Group Coaching and League Matches will not take place.

No dogs are allowed on the courts for any reason (rule added on 20th May).


1-to-1 coaching can restart immediately, in line with LTA guidance.

The coaches will ensure that pupils understand the specific measures they have in place to ensure your (and their) safety. 

Group Coaching will not take place until further notice.


Members are not allowed to enter the clubhouse, including coaching pupils. The door code has been changed. We will review this decision weekly.

The First Aid kit has been installed on the wall of the verandah, so is accessible should you need it.

If you need access to the defibrillator in an emergency, mobile numbers are posted on the clubhouse door to provide you the new door code.

Floodlights are not accessible, but should not be necessary as the evenings are rapidly getting lighter, and play is already possible until after 8pm.

Touch Points & Distancing

Please respect the 2 metre distancing rule for all other users of the courts, this relies on everyone to be respectful of this requirement.

Please do not change ends during play; shake hands; or stray onto other courts.

You should be especially careful when entering and leaving the courts, to ensure you do not crowd around the main gate.

Please take home everything you bring, including all balls, litter, bottles and cans/lids. This is an absolute requirement requested by the school, so please respect this rule.

We will leave the gates open where possible, so please avoid touching or closing them. The rear gate opens inwards so cannot be left open, so please use your foot to open and close.

We have left the benches available for use, but request that you minimise the use of them, and do not sit on them with people outside your household.

We have set the nets at the correct height and removed the winder handles.  The heights will be checked weekly.

We are unable to provide hand sanitizer, so request that all players bring and use their own hand sanitizer before and after play.

All players are responsible for providing their own balls, please use a small number of balls, and mark them with a personal identifier.


All players using the courts must be members of the club, with current membership subscriptions.  No guests or lapsed members are permitted to play.

While the situation is evolving we have not yet decided how members will be compensated for the delay to the start of the 2020 season.  We expect this will either be an extension to the membership year, or a pro-rata refund.  However, we assure current and new members that it is our stated intention to recognise the time when play has not been possible.  We may not make this decision for a couple of months, until the trajectory of the epidemic is clearer.



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