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December News

We have invested heavily in Spital facilities in 2023 using our own funds and with support from Enovert Community Trust and Staffs County Council Community Fund.

Floodlights were upgraded from Halogen to LED's in October 23 providing better quality lighting and reducing electricity consumption by c. 50%. This makes us more sustainable in terms of our carbon footprint and reduces the costs of operation.

Our court surfaces were over 30 years old, starting to subside in places and had been painted 5 times reducing their ability to drain.

In November and December we have underatken a court resurfacing project. During this period our courts were closed and we are grateful to Tamworth Council for allowing us to access Castle Grounds courts. Our courts have had drainage improvement, new net posts installed and a fresh layer of tarmac layed.

Play at Spital recommenced from Wednesday 20th December 23. We have temporary lines on courts until April when they will be painted, getting them back to green and purple for the start of the new season.