Microsports Ltd  is our Coaching Provider

Microsports Ltd are a multi-sport coaching and sports facility management business. Collectively our directors and coaches have a great amount of experience in coaching children and adults. Our network of coaches always have and always will pride themselves on top quality coaching and different programmes that fit in with current lifestyles. Keeping the fundamentals of sport is of real importance to us when coaching. We always ensure children and adults who play and watch sport understand the respect, sportsmanship, and hard work involved but ultimately have fun when playing!



Coaching Team:

Head Coach: Matt Bode

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07462 543486

Facebook & Instagram: @MattTennisCoach


Assistant Coach(s):

Alex Griffin (LTA Level 2 Qualified)

Gary Middleton (LTA Level 1 Qualified)

Ruth Griffiths (LTA Level 1 Qualified)