Reasons to Join

Ten reasons why to become a member of St Leonard’s and St Ives Tennis Club :

1. Discount on all coaching courses (which run every day of the week). £5.00 for members & £7.00 for non-members. There is a £14 difference between a member and non-member over a typical 7 week long course. If you do more than one session a week or your session is for more than an hour, you obviously will save even more!!! Therefore, in no time you would have regained the money saved by becoming a member and you get all the other benefits.‚Äč


2. Free Doubles sessions for adults. Our club sessions are :

Our club sessions are free to members with the exception of Tuesday where there is a £1.00 fee, however this additional cost provides a coach for the session to arrange matches which makes for a very popular night. These sessions run weekly all year round at the times listed below -

Monday 10am-12pm
Tuesday 7pm-10pm
Thursday 10am-12pm
Friday 7pm-10pm
Sunday 10am-12pm


3.  Free Singles for all adults and advanced Juniors.

Many clubs offer very little or nothing for singles play for adults. We are very proud to offer this successful and competitive ladder option for those that particularly love singles play! We have a big mix in terms of ages and abilities, matches are arranged between players so you can pick and choose how frequently and who you want to play. 


4. Free floodlight usage for members at all times.


5. Free balls for all club sessions, tournament matches and for singles/doubles ladders.


6. Opportunity to represent St Leonard’s and St Ives Tennis Club in our numerous club teams entered in Dorset Leagues.

We have 13 teams entered in both the summer and winter seasons for adults and advanced juniors in doubles. Our teams are :

Mens 1 Ladies 1 Mixed 1
Mens 2 Ladies 2 Mixed 2
Mens 3 Ladies 3  Mixed 3
Mens 4 Ladies Friendly League Mixed 4
Mens Vets  


We also have infant and junior teams which are entered in AEGON Team Tennis every summer. Our juniors play singles and doubles matches against all the other main clubs in Dorset.


7. Discount on all holiday courses we run throughout the year.


8. To be able to use the courts in your own time. Adults members can register to book courts using our online app.


9. To play in our annual club tournament and attend Junior/Senior tournament and BBQ.


10. To be able to have one to one coaching.