Court Booking - All Courts [ 1, 2& 3 ]

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

Due to the numbers of people who are looking to use the courts, especially over the weekends, we have decided within the Covid-19 Period we are introducing a FREE court booking system for MEMBERS ONLY until further notice for Court 1 & Court 2 (the twin courts) & Court 3 (the floodlit court).

You can continue to play without booking a court, however you must vacate the court on request of a person with a booking on that court.

You will need to have the padlock code to Gain Access to Court One/Court Court2 , this is only provided to and should only be used by ADULT MEMBERS

Bookings can be made in 30minute up to 1.5 hours slots (increase from 1hr maximum [02Jun20] .

This continues to ensure that all of us can continue to enjoy access to the courts, especially for those who are still working under the current restrictions. This will ensure that they can be sure to get access to play at a planned time. 

Please ensure you either bring printed proof of booking or have proof on your phone via your signed in Profile on the Club Website. 

If you have any queries, please contact us on the Club email. 


SPWTC Committee