Volunteering and Vacancies

Ongoing Jobs around the Grounds (and limited Clubhouse access)

Our list of jobs can be done by any members but those indicated with, *** , need a word with a committee member  first to ensure procedures are followed or information is correct. Please text James, Grham or Claire when a job has been done or worked on so we can update our maintenance log as part of our insurance procedures. Many thanks.


We need members to volunteer to do jobs around the grounds. If you manage to do some work in the same visit as playing tennis your presence will be adequately recorded for track and trace. However if your visit at the club is not on a court booking, please  drop a ltext to 07577 040409 or follow this link so the administrator can keep a record for track and trace. Many thanks!


  • Weeding (own gardening gloves and a tug).
  • Moss Treatment - Patio Cleaner purchased - appplied around court 2 and 3 edges ONGOING, thanks James F and Graham
  • Lay down more weed cover sheeting.
  • Spot weeding- using weed kill on court surfaces/edges/walls.
  • Secure any blowing fabric (ground sheets or banners)
  • Cutting brambles especially court 3 (own secetares and thick gloves). -ONCOING - thanks Claire
  • Hedge trimming by the main footpath/Court 4. - ONGOING - thanks Graham

Rubbish Disposal

  • Court Litter Picks - ONGOING - thanks James F


  • Limited access - cleaner, coach, captain, committee.
  • Take and dispose of all flyers in to a paper recycling bin.


  • FLOODLIGHT Evening Opening.  Regular Volunteers needed. [Thanks Sue, Rachel, Linda D].

Mending and Making

  • ***Arrange gate lock refurbishment (see Graham).
  • ***Sinage - permanent Court 1 banking safety signs  (see Graham).
  • Mend Ball Machine - suction control  flap perished.
  • Net measuring sticks 3ft (exactly) - ONGOING - one made thanks Graham
  • Net centre  straps replacement - ONGOING - temrorary fix thanks Graham; Graham to purchase
  • Net bottoms detaching (check periodically) - use tiny tie wrap repairs court 3, 4. 


  • ***Venue Sinage - Main gate sign detail contacts/website for Tennis and Bowls.
  • Need a graghic designer or budding one to produce a master for a small A6 flier ready to send to prin Format:  Color 2-sided  ( may be the same son both sides) advert for our club with prominent new website address https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/StocksbridgeTennisClub. Contact Claire 07577 040409 for any logos you might want that tie in with our website.

External Meetings

  • ZOOM SDLTA October - COMPLETE - Claire
  • ZOOM LTA Training (Various 'How to run/improve aspects of running tennis clubs) and LTA updates/awarenes of schemes and promotions being pushed nationally. There are lots of opportunities in our club for members to persue improvements in our activities within the club. Please consider signing up on one of the free online LTA video conferences training sessions. You will need our club ID and a list of courses. The Club ID is YOR406.  Click HERE for the course list - you may choose to join a course in another region if the dates and times suit better.

Looking For People (Vacancies)

  • Additional coaching staff previously qualified - (the club is no longer funding coach development through the LTA coaching schemes due to the enormous levees charged via various LTA schemes and associated partner coaching businesses - we are finding it costs the club £600 plus to support progression to level 1 and £1000 plus to support progression to level 2. (10 years ago it cost just £125 for our longest serving level 2 coach to qualify and volunteer).
  • Volunteers to help deliver Sunday Family Tennis. ONGOING - Claire,  AN Others.
  • Match Secretary - ideally with a view to joining the committee.
  • Club Events Organiser - ideally with a view to joining the committee (ON HOLD due to COVID).