First Aid and Sun Policies

Tennis Come True East London C.I.C First Aid Policy and Information


  •  Tennis Come True East London C.I.C provides emergency first aid and the following coaches hold an up to date appointed person’s first aid certificate:

Qualified Coaches: Please see About Us

  • First Aid Equipment is stored in the following locations:

West Ham Park Tennis Courts


Sun Safety Policy

Sun Safety Code

Tennis Come True East London C.I.C recognises the importance of protection against the potential harmful effects of the sun. While this is relevant to all players, it is particularly important for our junior members.

We recommend following simple guidance is extracted from the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code:

  • Clothing is the best form of defence - children should wear long sleeved light shirts, caps and sunglasses
  • We recommend the use of SPF30+ sunscreen - don't forget the hard to reach places
  • All children should bring water bottles and should be encouraged to drink regularly
  • Avoid playing in extremes of heat.
  • Look out for signs of heat exhaustion - fatigue, dizziness, headache, nausea or hot, red and dry skin
  • Coaches should lead by example

The following is guidance to coaches on ways to help get the message across:

  1. Read the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code yourself, and lead by example
  2. Pay special attention to children with disabilities and learning difficulties
  3. Talk about sun protection in a positive, engaging and fun way
  4. Have a Q&A session, asking kids what they know about the sun
  5. Clothing and eye protection should be the first line of defence
  6. Remember the "hard-to-get-to" places - backs of knees; ears; eye area; neck and nose; scalp

Remind kids that they can burn even on cloudy days in summer.