Something to suit everyone

We want you to enjoy your tennis and play loads! Whether you've played lots or not at all, there's a membership to suit you ...  

For all general membership enquiries, please email: [email protected]

  • The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March.  

Data Protection
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a. Adult Senior 25 & over (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

Full playing

Eligibility: 25 Years and over

b. Adult 22-24 (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

Adults aged between 22-24 inc.

Eligibility: Adult aged between 22-24

c. Senior Junior 21U (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

21 years and under

Eligibility: 21 years and under

d. Junior 18U (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

18 years and under

Eligibility: Junior 18 years and under

e. Junior 14U (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

14 years and under

Eligibility: 14 years and under

f. Junior 10U (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

10 years and under

Eligibility: 10 years and under

g. Junior - Coaching 1st year to 31/3/2022

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

This is an application solely for coaching and supervised social play under the control of the club's coaches.

Eligibility: Under 18 Years

g1. Junior- Coaching 2nd year (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

2nd year. Coaching only.

Eligibility: Regular attendee at junior coaching sessions. Court use only is presence of club coach.

h. Country. (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

Resides over 15 miles from the The Green ltc

Eligibility: Resides over 15 miles from the The Green ltc

i. Family Membership (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

Full Family membership package

Eligibility: Domestic partners and their children aged 24 and under

j. Senior Citizen (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

State pensionable age

Eligibility: State pensionable age

k. Senior Citizen Couple. (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

Partners both of state pensionable age

Eligibility: Partners both of state pensionable age

l. Off Peak (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

Commences play between 9am and 4pm

Eligibility: Commences play between 9am and 4pm

m. Accompanying Adult (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

Plays only with their child

Eligibility: Parent or guardian of child who is in membership

n. Social non-playing (2021-2022)

01/12/2021 - 31/03/2022

Gives access to the pavilion and grounds without court use.

o.Taster for those aged 25 and over

3 months membership

Taster for adults aged 25 and over

Eligibility: Must not have been a member of The Green LTC in the last 3 years. This category of membership is not renewable.

p. Taster for those aged 24 and under

3 months membership

Want to try tennis and aged under 25

Eligibility: This is a non renewable category. Not available to ex members of The Green LTC who have been in membership within the last 3 years.

q. Holiday visitor

2 weeks membership

On holiday in area

Eligibility: Persons visiting area who maintain a home address elsewhere.