Coaching Team

Head Coach

Thorndale’s Head coach is David McIndoe, who is a CCA Licenced Coach.

Dave is an LTA Senior Club Coach (Level 4). The only Senior Club Coach in Wallasey.

Dave is available for private coaching at Thorndale or the Wirral Tennis Centre in Bidston, if you prefer to play indoors!

Dave is experienced at coaching all levels and ages and can be contacted by emailing or by mobile on 07791 964 342.

Coaching Support

Jenna Doswell level 2, Mob No 07906 395911

Georgia Hepke level 2, Mob No 07415694596 

Other members of the team include, Greg Clayton, Lucy Seddon, Beth Cubbin, Jack Owen, Dominic Ward who are all members and level one and two coaching assistants, supporting coaching at Thorndale, Wirral Tennis Centre, Marine Park and Harrison Park.