Coaching and Camps

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Introducing Our Coaching Team

Our Head Coach Simon Filiatrault is a talented county player in his own right, with over 30 years of coaching experience. His junior development program has produced some of the county's top young players. We are lucky to have the services of one of the most experienced and sucessful coaches in the area. 

Our assistant coach, Liam Gough, is very popular with both younger and older players. His ability to develop player technique and his enthusiasm for the game makes him a valuable addition to our coaching team. He has over 8 years of coaching experience, a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, and a Level 3 Qualifcation in Personal Training and Tennis Coaching. He has worked with County Players in the UK and National Players in Spain. 


Individual Coaching

Both Simon and Liam are available for individual coaching sessions. 

To arrange lessons with Simon please contact him on 07713 045 965 or by email at

Liam can be contacted on  07521127940 or


Group Sessions

A wide range range of coaching courses are available for all ages and abilities. You can view Liam's courses below.  Simon's courses are now accessed through his Clubspark website.  HERE 

Please feel free to come along and have a trial session before you sign up. 

If you would like to know more please feel free to get in touch with Simon on 07713 045 965 or by email at