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Providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for children and adults to play tennis free from abuse and bullying is the concern of each and every one of us, Members and Committee alike.  Further down this page you'll find the Club's policies on Safeguarding, Whistle Blowing, and Diversity and Inclusion.

The Club's Safeguarding Officer is Kirsty Strange - 07890 811040 and  Photo --->

Minimum Standards for British Tennis Venue Registration

As of October 2018, the Lawn Tennis Association replaced its Tennismark club accreditation scheme with its new Minimum Standards scheme.  

Your Club achieved Tennismark accreditation from the very beginning of the scheme and is now fully accredited in accordance with the new Minimum Standards.  Our observance and maintenance of these standards will be audited on a regular basis by officers of the LTA.

You can find out about the LTA Minimum Standards here, on the LTA British Tennis website.

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Club Constitution
Safeguarding Policy
Safeguarding Statement
Privacy policy
First Aid, and Accident/Incident report forms
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy
Complaints Procedure
Anti-bullying policy
Recruitment and rehabilitation of offenders policy

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