Opportunities to compete at Sellindge TC...

The first taste of competition should be FUN, in a familiar environment with familiar people present, an opportunity to practice what you've learnt in training and challenge yourself against other players.

We can advise and support players wanting to enter higher level tournaments, but our focus with these club events is enjoyment and EVOLUTION of each players tennis skills - we reward effort as well as success!

At our competitions, players will be supported by the referee (and umpires at 8/9 and under) to know the rules and scoring.

Please understand that it’s okay to lose and try again, and to use this experience to tell your coach what you'd like to improve before the next competition!

Our 'World Tour' events will be themed to a different city each time so that like the professional players, we will 'visit' a different tournament over the course of the year. This means themed decorations and food, fun off court activities and an opportunity to speak face to face to your coach.

Please do speak to any of the coaching team for guidance.


12 Dec


This is a local, fun, team competition option for recreational players of all ages and genders. The event organiser will be in charge of deciding on the age group, team size and format on the day. The emphasis is on a fun, exciting competition experience.

  • 9am - 9pm
  • Sun, 12 Dec 2021