Adult Coaching

Our adult tennis groups are a great way to improve your tennis whilst having fun with new and old friends, working on your fitness, playing just for social tennis or wanting to be more competitive.

It is £7.50 per hour to take part in group coaching with Advantage Tennis Ltd.  After your sixth lesson, it is necessary to join the tennis Sellindge Tennis Club and you can do that here:

Sellindge Tennis Club

We also offer private lessons - click the link above for more info.

Or contact Nick for more information:


A Guide to Deciding which Tennis Sessions are best for you.


Identifying and judging the ability and level of a person’s play can be a bit awkward, so to help you find a spot that is comfortable for you, check out the handy guide below.  You can then look at the sessions we offer and understand if this is a session for you.

You can always speak to a coach if you are unsure and they will be able to advise you and make sure you feel at home and get the best out of any session. 


Red – You are a Beginner starting your tennis Journey, it is all new. Or maybe be a Rusty Racquet, not played for a while, maybe since school! You may understand a few shots but have limited experience.  Judging the incoming bouncing ball can be tricky. You may need to develop your confidence.

Orange – You are an Improver, you can judge the bounce of a medium paced ball, rally a bit and are beginning to develop a serve and return, you know the rules and understand the basics of the game. You are on your way.

Green – You are now at an Improver + level. You can serve and return a serve regularly.  You can cope with most shots at a medium pace and rally frequently. You are beginning to develop your match-play skills.

Pink – You are at an Intermediate level. You can cope well in all areas of play, at a medium pace and have some match-play experience.  You can confidently play the game.

Blue – You are at an Intermediate + level. You can cope with a higher pace in most areas of your game and are a confident competitive player.

Indigo – You are a Club player. You are happy with high levels of pace and spin in most areas of your game.  You are or have been a regular competitive club player and understand basic tennis strategy.

Violet –  You are a Competitor. You are an experienced competitive player.  You can deliberately play fast and slow paced shots, with a variety of spins and angles. You have an understanding of set plays and tactics. Singles and doubles.

Black – You are an Advanced player. You have reached a high level of skill and knowledge in all areas of the game, technique, mental toughness, physical ability, resilience, and emotional control. You are confident on the court and resilient in competitive matches.