New Cardio Tennis Session!

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New Cardio Tennis Session With Ross and Joe

Wednesdays 10-11am

£7 per session

All Standards Welcome



LTA Cardio Tennis is a high energy group fitness session that combines music and tennis with cardiovascular exercise. Delivering a great full-body workout, Cardio Tennis is fun, social and designed to get you moving.

Everyone is welcome to Cardio Tennis, no matter what your skill level is! The class moves along quickly, so no one will be judging your skills, and it doesn’t matter whether the ball goes in or out.

Ross and Joe will be using a small bluetooth speaker on the clay courts which keeps the music localised and shouldn't disturb mix-in and independent play on the astroturf top courts.

We're looking forward to seeing how well the session fits in with the programme and hope that you might feel inspired to give it a go!