Racket Stringing Service

The Amherst Coaching team provide an in-house Racket Stringing Service at Amherst LTC.

We can also regrip your racket for you and add a vibration dampener if you need one.

We have recently upgraded our stringing machine to a constant pull electronic tensioning system for greater accuracy and more consistent stringing results.

E-mail for advice or to arrange a time to drop your racket off.

By using our stringing service, you are agreeing to the Amherst Coaching Stringing Terms & Conditions.

Price List

Includes optional racket manufacturer stencil in red, black or white.

Supply your own string - £18

Synthetic Gut - £22

Multifilament - £25

Polyester - £28

Polyester / Multifiament Hybrid - £28

Babolat Overgrip - £2

Karakal Regrip - £3

Vibration Dampeners - £1


Strings In Stock

The strings we have in stock should provide a good range of options for club players of different levels and with different playing styles and needs. If you have a particular request for a different string, we can order a set in for you and add the cost to the £18 stringing charge.

To see string reviews from tennis-warehouse.com click on the string image below.


babolatSGBabolat Synthetic Gut - 1.25mm - Blue and Pink





OGsheepGosen OG Sheep Micro Super 16 Synthetic Gut 1.30mm - White






Head-VelocityHead Velocity MLT 17 Multifilament - 1.25mm - Natural Colour





Babolat XCELBabolat XCEL Multifilament - 1.30mm - Black






VolklPolyVolkl Cyclone Polyester - 1.25mm - Yellow





RPM BlastBabolat RPM Blast Polyester - 1.25mm - Black








ukrsaMembership of the UK Racket Stringers Association gives us access to expert forums on stringing to keep our knowledge current and up to date.