To book your free tennis courts, please ensure you are registered and signed in, and then click on the time slot you wish to book above. Important Note: Courts can only be booked up to 5 days ahead. To make a booking please click on a box that is empty. Boxes that say 'Booking' have already been booked. Courts 1 & 2 have floodlights - tokens cost £5 and can be bought from The Mac Main Reception. Courts 3, 4 & 5 are not floodlit, therefore cant be used after dark.

*Important Floodlight Information*: If you are using floodlights please note that if the lights have just turned off they will go into cool down mode for approximately 10 minutes. Please insert your token after this time and the lights should come straight on. If the lights are off when you arrive, feel free to insert your token straight away. 

Please park in the mac car park, Queens Ride, B12 9QH. Other car park will be locked at dusk and you will not be able to retrieve your car until morning. Enjoy your game!!