Membership Fees

ADULTS : Membership Secretary Linda Gallant

JUNIORS : Junior Secretary Chris Weekes

             Membership Prices   2017 ( April to April)

Off Peak, Junior and Coaching Membership

Full playing   (1)          £245              pay before 30/04/2017     £195

Joint (2)                       £395              pay before 30/04/2017     £345

Off - peak  (3)              £115

Student/19 - 25 (4)      £70

Junior/intermediate 10 - 19 (5/6)   £45

Junior under 9yrs (6)    £25

Senior coaching/parent (7)   £45

Social Membership £15.00


  1. FULL PLAYING. This category allows for full playing rights.
  2. JOINT. This category gives full playing status for a member and his/her partner. Children of a full member are allowed membership at a discount provided it is paid by 30th April 2017. All eligible Intermediate and Junior Members should be listed in the section overleaf.
  3. OFF PEAK. Off Peak members may play weekdays up to 6:00pm. They may not play during the evening and weekends. They are not eligible to enter Club competitions.
  4. STUDENT. Student Members have full playing status. Student members must be receiving full time education and produce a valid Student Union Card upon request.
  5. INTERMEDIATE. Intermediate membership is by invitation only. Intermediates must be under 19 years of age. They have full tennis status.
  6. JUNIOR. Junior members must be under 19 years of age. They may book available courts until 6:30pm weekdays and at any time at weekends. A reduced membership fee is available for juniors under 9 years of age.
  7. SENIOR COACHING. Senor Coaching membership is offered to those who wish to receive coaching. They may only play at those times unless they wish to play with their child who is a Junior Member. Note that the court must be booked in the juniors name at times applicable for junior members (see note 6).
  8. SOCIAL. New members must be proposed or seconded by a member of the Committee.
  9. Discount - all categories must be renewed by 30/04/2017 to be entitled to any discount.

BRITISH TENNIS MEMBERSHIP NUMBER. The club requires that members have a BTM number. This is free and enhances the club's standing with the LTA and increases the club's Wimbledon ticket allocation.