November 2018.                                                  

As from the 1st October 2018 the LTA required All clubs to achieve 5 minimum standards, prior to Registration. Those who do not comply could be subject to sanctions. The LTA will audit random clubs to ensure they have complied with the Standards. Please find below a précis of the Minimum Standards.

Standard 1 – Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

You must have a safeguarding policy (for children and adults) which is clearly displayed on the venue noticeboard (and website if you have one) or easily available upon request.  You must also clearly display the relevant safeguarding posters where it is possible to do so.

Standard 2 – Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Procedures

You must have a Diversity and Inclusion policy which is either displayed or easily available upon request.

Standard 3 – Welfare Officer

You must have a Welfare Officer who has undergone the necessary training and fulfils the duties of the role with support from the Club Committee. Our Welfare Officers are Gary Twitchett, Jo Perrett and Maggie Smith, see Notice board and website for contact details.

Standard 4 – Criminal Record Checks

You must ensure that relevant staff have a satisfactory criminal record check (such as a DBS check or PVG Scheme).  By 'satisfactory', we mean a criminal record check which is either blank or revealed criminal information which has been approved by the LTA Safeguarding Team.

Standard 5 – Risk Assessment


I am please to say that Cranbrook Castle Lawn Tennis and social club have achieved these standards and have been registered with the LTA. The safeguarding, Diversity and Whistleblowing policies are displayed on the clubs Notice board and website.


Any questions to Gary or Maggie.

(Welfare Officers)