Internal Box Leagues

Last year saw the launch of our brand new box leagues.   This is an internal competition to enable all members of all levels to compete with their fellow DLTC friends and keep match fit for the whole year. 

Categories of Box League

There are five categories with box leagues:

- Ladies' singles

- Ladies' doubles

- Men's singles

- Men's doubles

- Mixed doubles

Generally, we hardly play any singles matches during the year and these box leagues are intended to help to address that issue.  As for the doubles, the box leagues are the perfect opportunity to play with your best mate/ team partners to improve your game ready for team matches.

How it works 

Every player is put in a group of 6 to 7 players and competes against each other in their group over a defined period of 6 months.   The format of matches is not too time consuming as matches are one set matches to avoid overcrowding the booking system.  Provided sufficient matches have been played in each league, the top two players are then promoted to the higher group next season and the bottom two relegated for the next six-month period.

Ultimately, every player should end up in their own respective standard box league and have enjoyable matches.

Current status / results in box leagues

The current box leagues in operation have an end date of 30 March 2020.  The curent results of the matches and the current standings within each box league can be found below :

For Men's Singles click here

For Men's Doubles click here

For Ladies Singles click here

For Ladies Doubles click here

For Mixed Doubles click here

How to sign up to participate

The box leagues are an event that you DO NEED TO SIGN UP in order to participate. Oru coach - Sebastien, oversees the organisation of these box leagues.  To register your interest please e-mail Sebastien at