Team tennis

Our tennis teams at Dulwich are renowned as some of the best in South London with more than half the active members playing regular competition and great strength and depth of squads for a club of our size.

  • Surrey League doubles - 7 men's teams and 5 women's teams.  These leagues are active in both winter and summer.    All of the team's standings for the  last season can be found here.  The new 2023 summer season will shortly be underway. 
  • Surrey League doubles Veterans - 2 men's and 1 ladies'  team
  • National Surrey (doubles & singles) - 2 men's teams and 1 women's team - these run in the early summer months (from April each year) 
  • Southwark mixed doubles team - these run throughout the summer

Each team has a dedicated Captain responsible for the running of their team, plus we have overall Men's and Women's Team Captains who help make sure our teams continue to be a major element in the succcess of our lovely club.

We have focused team play sessions and coaching every week so you get a chance to find your level and your doubles partners.   Team captains choose squads at the start of the summer and winter seasons, but don't worry if you join mid-season, we'll find you a space to try your chances.  Most matches are on Sunday mornings which makes it a very busy time of the week at our club.

If you want to talk to us about our team tennis before joining the club then email and we'll get one of the team captains to get you playing.