Fixtures & Results

2023 Club championships: 

Men's singles: 6-1; 6-1

Winner: Nick Mason   Runner-up: Nick Allan

Men's doubles: 6-4; 2-5; 7-5

Winners: Mark Powderham & Mark Pepper  Runners-up: James Barton & Nick Mason

Ladies' doubles: 7-5; 7-5

Winners: Debbie Robson & Fiona Wiles  Runners-up: Jo Eldridge & Jenny Brough

Mixed doubles: 6-3; 7-6

Winners: Dave Hankey & Ollie Colegate  Runners-up: Nick & Becky Allan

2023 Horam League: 

The Horam League teams have done well with Groombridge 1st team coming 3rd out of 6 teams in the 1st division, losing to Crowborough 1st team & Cross-in Hand’s 1st team, and Groombridge 2nd team coming 4th in the 2nd division. There have been some fantastic matches with some tricky battles, but all in all very enjoyable, and the teams have done well. We are looking for more members to play for next year and be part of the team, do let us know if you are interested.


2022 Club Championships:

Men's singles winner Nick Mason vs Nick Allan (6-3; 6-1)

Ladies' singles winner Becky Allan vs Claire Rand (7-6; 6-4)

Men's doubles winners Mark Powderham & Mark Pepper vs Roger Matthews & Nick Allan (6-1; 6-0)

Ladies' doubles winners Claire Rand & Penny Savage vs Karen Wolfle & Becky Allan (6-4; 2-6; 6-3)  

Mixed doubles winners Dave Hankey & Ollie Colegate vs Nick & Becky Allan (6-4; 0-6; 6-3).

2022 Horam League – East Sussex inter-club competition  Our two teams did really well this year, both teams came 3rd in their divisions.

The 2nd team were promoted to 2nd Division this year, their competitors were teams from the clubs at Newick, East Hoathly, Wadhurst & Maresfield. Team captain Lee Savage says ‘After promotion last season it was satisfying to come third in the 2nd division this year.  We’re hoping to build on this success next year.’

The 1st team were competing against teams from Crowborough, Cross in Hand , Hailsham and Mayfield. Team captain Dave Hankey says: ‘After a difficult start to the season in terms of results, I'm pleased to say the team finished 3rd (out of 6) in Division 1. Crowborough and Cross in Hand had some very strong players, and came 1st and 2nd, for Groombridge to then end the season 3rd was a great performance.’

In the Horam knock-out tournament we got through to the finals for the mixed doubles, the Crowborough team were unfortunately too strong and took the cup


2021 Club Championship Results

Mens Singles:  Winner: Mark Pepper

Runner Up:  Steven James

Ladies Singles:  Winner:  Becky Allan

Runner Up: Giny Best

Mens Doubles:   Winners: Mark Pepper & Pete Roberts

Runners Up:  Mark Powderham & Steven James

Ladies Doubles:  Winners:  Jo Eldridge and Becky Allan

Runners Up:  Fiona Wiles and Ali Barnes

Mixed Doubles: Winners:  Becky and Nick Allan

Runners Up:  Dave Hankey & Ollie Colegate

2020 Club Championship Results

Ladies Singles:  Winner:  Becky Allan

Runner Up: Lesley Milne

Mens Singles:  Winner: Mark Pepper

Runner Up:  Steven James

Ladies Doubles:  Winners:  Jo Eldridge and Becky Allan

Runners Up:  Yvonne Gerrett and Anneleen Fairfax

Mens Doubles:   Winners: Geoff and George Morphew

Runners Up:  Mark Pepper and Dave Hankey

Mixed Doubles: Winners:  Becky and Nick Allan

Runners Up:  Penny and Lee Savage

2019 Club Championship Results

Ladies Singles : Winner : Becky Allan

Runner up : Claire Rand

Men's Singles : Winner :  Mark Pepper

Runner up :  Mark Powderham

Ladies Doubles : Winners : Ollie Colegate & Claire Rand

Runners Up : Ali & Prue Barnes

Men's Doubles : Winners :  Dave Hankey & Mark Pepper

Runners Up :  Andrew Merriman & Nick Allan

Mixed Doubles : Winners :  Ollie Colegate & Dave Hankey

Runners Up : Becky & Nick Allan


2021 Horam League Results

We enter two teams into the friendly inter-club Horam League every Summer.

Team 1 - report

Cross in Hand beat us into silver medal place, to use the Olympic term, by HALF A POINT.  So yet again we finished 2nd, you'd think they would let us win the thing once!

Final top 3 placings: X in Hand 15;  Groombridge 14.5;  Crowborough 14

Very well done to all the team, many thanks for turning out often is miserable

weather and playing so well.

Team 2 - report

Delighted to say we were successful in winning the Division 3 Horam League by three clear points and with the best games average across all the divisions! Thanks all for playing and looking forward to next year in Division 2. Well Played!



Dave and Ollie won the Knock Out Section of the Mixed Doubles Horam League!!


We enter two teams into the friendly inter-club Horam League every Summer.

One ladies doubles, one mens, and one mixed pair play local clubs both at home and away on monday evenings between April and August.  

Division 1 - report

GTC came second this year, just behind Cross in Hand.  The team played extremely well and probably would have won had it not been for injuries early on in the season. In two of the early rounds we were unable to field a mixed pair and so lost vital points!

The standard of tennis was really high and I would like to thank the whole team for rising to the challenges and doing it in such a friendly way. Well done to all. Robert Katzaros


Division 2 - report

Its been an extra challenging season for Team 2 with a number of players injured.  However, a number of new Horam League players as well as regular players have made a valuable contribution to Monday evenings and we're developing some effective pairings for next year's season. 

Coming up against some long-established teams, some of whom are First Team players for their club, we have struggled to win several long competitive matches but I feel we've gained good experience and look forward to another season from April 2020.

I am delighted to announce that we've managed to hold a place in Division 2 - every single game counted so thank you to all 2019 Team 2 players for your effort.  Debbie Robson

Results :


April 29   Crowborough @ Home.     Win 2-1

May 13    Mayfield away.  Loss 0-3 (w/o mixed)

May 20   Horam away.   Loss 0-3 (w/o mixed)

June 3     Horsted Keynes @ Home. Win 3-0

June 17  Cross in Hand @ Home. Win 3-0

July 1       Crowborough away.  Win 2-1

July 8       Mayfield @ Home. Win 3-0 

July 22    Horam @ Home.  Win 2-1

July 29   Horsted Keynes away. Win 3-0

Aug 5       Cross in Hand away. Loss 0-3


April 29  Hailsham away.  Loss 0-3

May 13  Maresfield @ Home.  Win 2-1

May 20   East Hoathly I away.  Loss 1-2

June 3  Wadhurst away.  Loss 0-3

June 17  Newick away.  Loss 1-2

July 1    Hailsham @ Home.  Win 2-1

July 8  Maresfield away Loss 1-2 (w/o mens)

July 22  Wadhurst @ Home.  Loss 1-2

Aug 5  Newick @ Home.  Loss 1-2