Social tennis

These have always been one of the strongest aspects of the Grove and that is what makes our club so attractive to new members and keep our membership united. It provides a fun and friendly atmosphere for members to play casual tennis and socialise at the bar or having a cup of tea! The timetable for social tennis is:

  • Monday => 10am - 12pm  
  • Tuesday =>  9am - 12pm 
  • Wednesday => 6:30pm - 10pm
  • Friday => 9am - 12pm & 6:30pm - 10pm
  • Saturday => 3pm - 5pm => Ladies beginners/improvers
  • Sunday => 6-8 pm Mens beginners/improvers

Other events

  • Sunday 20th March (10am - 1pm): Clear up day. If you are free and would like to do a bit of gardening and tidying up of the club that will be much appreciated. We will be getting the club ready for our Summer Season! 
  • Sunday 10th April (11am onwards): Welcome to New Members BBQ & Tennis. This will be a great opportunity for ALL club members (adult, juniors, peak and off peak) to come along, play a bit of tennis, have some fun and meet each other. 
  • Quiz Nights: They used to be very popular before covid but we haven’t hosted one since the pandemic started. This year we are hoping we can host one sometime in October, so fingers crossed!