Match Secretary Needed

We have an urgent volunteer requirement for a Club Member to replace our outgoing Match Secretary for Adult Teams. Please see the role definition here

The role of the Match Secretary is to arrange the fixtures for our Adult teams (we currently have 13 teams in the District leagues and 3 in the Essex leagues) for each season (Summer and Winter). The role is a Committee role, to ensure that there is appropriate information flow between the Match Secretary and all Committee Members regarding Club planning and issues, and the successful playing of Club matches.

It is urgent for our next Match Secretary to be identified so that suitable handover activities can take place with Gareth (and our Club Captains who can also assist in training the new person). Gareth will be setting up our Summer 2024 season's fixtures before he steps down, but he will not be available in this role after April 2024 for any other activity. Ideally our new Match Secretary should be up and running in the role asap, and before Gareth finally steps down.

Please let Andy Price know if you are interested in this important role, or if you have any questions in relation to it. Gareth, our Team Captains, and other Committee Members are also available to discuss the role and how it could perhaps be organised to suit your circumstances.