Resumption of Tennis

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Good News

As part of the Government roadmap for lifting Covid19 restrictions outdoor tennis can restart from 29th March. Although there will still be restrictions in how we operate, like access to the clubhouse, we are planning to open up for, singles, doubles, club social sessions and all coaching programmes from that date (subject to any further changes announced by the LTA). Some of you may have already noticed Sara is advertising Easter holiday camps for the two weeks starting 29th March.

Membership Fees

It is great news that we can start to play once more, but it does coincide with the end of the club membership year. It has been decided to reduce membership rates by 50% for a second year. This acknowledges the support from our existing members over the last year and will help to both consolidate and grow membership this year.

Last year's membership packages will automatically expire on 31st March. We hope that existing members will re-join for the next year and the new packages are available on ClubSpark. The majority of members should already have active accounts and so it should be easy to pick the right packages and re-join. Members can pay immediately by credit/debit card, or separately by cheque/bank transfer. This second method should be used if members wish to make use of family discounts, or group payments into one. We recognise that these dates are close to each other; and so there is a 14 day grace period configured into the system, so that existing members can still access the booking system whilst they arrange their new memberships.

Court Booking

We expect there will be demand for courts from the 29th March onwards, and also recognise that Easter camps are running for those first few days. We will therefore be reducing the number of days in advance that members are able to book courts, and will temporarily set it to 5 days. This will mean members can start to book courts from the 24th March, and each day another set of daily slots will become available.

The 29th March is also still early in the year and even though the clocks will have gone forward, sunset time will be around 19:30. The lights on courts 1 and 2 are controlled by tokens that many of you are familiar with. However, the lights on court 3 are now controlled via the ClubSpark booking system. This means they will automatically come on for the period of the booking. It does however mean members using court 3 will need to pay for the lights via ClubSpark, rather than using tokens.

If you have any questions about membership, court booking or floodlights, please contact [email protected]