Box League

What is a Box League?

A Box league is a group of 4 or 5 players of similar ability in a mini league that will play each other over a set period of time. We run a promotion & relegation system. Each league is given approx. 7/8 weeks to complete their matches.

How are they Played?

All Adult matches are a 40 minute shoot out. Set your watch / mobile phone to start and when the alarm goes finish the game you are playing & whatever the score is the result, and yes it can be 8-2 / 4-4 etc! Only rule is you play a short deuce point with the receiver choosing which side you serve / receive. This allows you to get the match played in a 1 hour booking slot.

Orange & Red Ball matches are tie-breaks to 10 points…each player serves twice then switch server. It is suggested to play 2/3 tie breaks per match up to get comfortable with the system.  Paul can help with the tennis balls for juniors.


Please play by date set. No play means no points!

Players must contact each other no later than 3 weeks of the play by date.

Both players must provide suitable balls for the match. Please note Paul does not provide the balls!

Scoring System

  • Every game won = 1 point to your overall total

                            Good luck & don't forget to book a court!

Please contact Paul Davey if you have any questions on 078545 25220 or

See details of the current boxes in the members' area.