Play as a guest

Guests are welcome to play at Magdalen Park LTC provided they are playing with a member.

Members must register and pay for their guest. Penalties apply for non-compliance. 

How to pay a guest fee

Pay a guest fee online

You can also pay at the time of booking your court through the ClubSpark Booker app, or on the website.

Guest fees can also be paid at the bar during opening hours.

Guest fees are £10 for adults and £5 for children.


Number of guest visits

Guests may play a maximum of 6 times a year. Unfortunately, guest fees are may not be deducted from the joining fee should they wish to become a member.


Guests at social tennis

Guests attending social tennis will need to be signed in at the peg board and pay at the bar. Please speak to whomever is organising social tennis on the day. 


If a guest is not registered prior to playing

Should a member fail to pay £10 at the time of court booking they will have £20 added to their tab automatically. There will be no exception to this rule.