Constitution 2

6. Resignation

A Member may withdraw from membership of the Club on 14 days clear notice to the Club. Membership shall not be transferable in any event and shall cease immediately on death or dissolution or on the failure of the Member to comply or to continue to comply with any condition of membership set out in these Rules.

7. Expulsion

7.1 Subject to the remaining provisions of this rule, the Management Committee shall have power to refuse membership or expel a Member only for good and sufficient cause, such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or the Game into disrepute.

7.2 A Member shall not be expelled unless he is given 14 days' written notice of the meeting of the Management Committee at which his expulsion shall be considered and written details of the complaint made against him.

7.3 The Member shall be given an opportunity to appear before the Management Committee to answer complaints made against him. The member must not be expelled unless at least two-thirds of the Management Committee then present vote in favour of his expulsion.

7.4 The Management Committee may exclude the Member from the Club's premises until the meeting considering his expulsion has been held. For the avoidance of doubt, the member shall be entitled to attend that meeting for the purpose of making his representations.

7.5 The Member may appeal against the Management Committee's decision by notifying the Management Committee who shall put the matter to the Club's members in general meeting and decided by a majority vote of members present and voting at such meeting.

8. Effect of Resignation or Expulsion

Any person ceasing to be a Member forfeits all right to and claim upon the Club, its property and its funds and he has no right to the return of any part of his subscription.

9. The Management Committee

9.1. The Club shall be managed by a Management Committee consisting of:

(a) the Chairman;

(b) the Vice-Chairman;

(c) the Honorary Secretary 4

(d) the Honorary Treasurer

(e) no more than six other Members elected annually at the annual general meeting.

The members of the Management Committee may exercise all of the powers of the Club f for the purposes of the Management Committee.

9.2 Each member of the Management Committee must satisfy HMRC's fit and proper person test to be involved in the general control, management and administration of the Club and must declare that he is a fit and proper person prior to being elected.

9.3 The Club agrees that each member of the Management Committee will be required, as a condition of election or appointment, to agree to be bound by and subject to these rules, the rules and regulations of the relevant CLTA and the LTA Rules and the LTA Disciplinary Code, such agreement to contain an express acknowledgement that the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 applies and that the LTA and the Club can enforce any breach at its option and in its sole discretion.

9.4 The members of the Management Committee may delegate any of the powers that are conferred on them by these rules to such person, or committee, by such means (including power of attorney), to such extent, in relation to such matters and on such terms and conditions as they think fit. If the members of the Management Committee specify, any such delegation may authorize further delegation of members’ powers. The members of the Management Committee may revoke any delegation or alter its terms and conditions.

9.5 The Management Committee shall decide in its discretion how Members may be nominated to be members of the Management Committee and shall notify the Members accordingly.

9.6 Any person nominated as a member of the Management Committee must be a Full Member.

9.7 If there is only one candidate nominated to fill any particular vacancy, that candidate shall be declared elected unopposed for that particular vacancy at the next annual general meeting. If there is more than one candidate for any particular vacancy there shall be an election at the annual general meeting for that position. In the event of a tie, the candidate to be elected shall (unless the candidates otherwise agree) be determined by lot.

9.8 The Management Committee shall be elected at the annual general meeting in each year, and subject to termination of office by resignation, removal or otherwise, the members remain in office until they or their successors are re-elected or elected (as the case may be) at the annual general meeting following their re-election or election (as the case may be).

9.9 In addition to the members elected or appointed in accordance with this Rule 9, the Management Committee may co-opt up to two further Members who shall serve until the next annual general meeting. Co-opted members shall be entitled to vote at the meetings of the Management Committee.

9.10 The Management Committee may appoint any Full Member to fill any casual vacancy on the Management Committee until the next annual general meeting.

9.11 Retiring members of the Management Committee may be re-elected.

9.12 A member of the Management Committee shall be deemed to have vacated office if:

(a) he becomes bankrupt or makes any arrangement or composition with his creditors g generally; or 5

(b) a registered medical practitioner who is treating that person gives a written opinion to the Management Committee stating that that person has become physically or mentally incapable of acting as a member of the Management Committee and may remain so for more than three months; or

(c) by reason of that person’s mental health, a court makes an order which wholly or partly prevents that person from personally exercising any powers or rights which that person would otherwise have; or

(d) he resigns his office by notice to the Club; or

(e) he shall without sufficient reason for more than three consecutive meetings of the Management Committee have been absent without permission of the Management Committee and the Management Committee resolves that his office be vacated; or

(f) he is suspended from holding office or from taking part in any activity relating to the administration or management of the Club by a decision of the CLTA or the LTA; or

(g) he is requested to resign by not less than two-thirds of the other Management Committee members acting together.

9.13 Any person accepting election or nomination to the Management Committee who has any financial interest in the Game must, before such election or nomination, state in writing to the Club all such interests. Failure to do so will lead to automatic disqualification from Management Committee. The Management Committee has the right to veto such an election if, in its opinion, it is not in the best interests of the Club.