Junior Squads

We have junior squads for those aged from 5-17 years old and from beginner to an advanced level players. At Spencer Tennis we aim to deliver the highest quality group coaching sessions that work on perfecting our junior's techniques as well as preparing them tactically for matches and competition. To ensure we continue to keep standadrds high, we work to maximum coach:student ratio of 1:8.

If you're interested in joining one of our squads you can find our courses below;

Mini Red Sessions for 5-7 Year olds - Note - These sessions will be split in to two groups for the majority of the session, each led by an LTA accredited coach. One group will consist of the slightly younger children and one will consist of those that are closer to 7 years old.

  • Mondays - 1645-1730 - 6 and 7 year olds ONLY - Spring Term - Book Here
  • Wednesdays - 1600-1645 - Autumn Term - Book Here - Spring Term - Book Here
  • Thursdays - 1600-1645 - Autumn Term - Book Here - Spring Term - Book Here

Mini Orange Sessions for 8-9 Year olds

Mini Green Sessions for 10 year olds

Tennis for 10+ 

  • Tuesdays - 1800-1900 - Autumn Term - Book Here - Spring Term - Book Here - This is for 11-13 year old improver players
  • Wednesdays - 1745-1845 - Autumn Term - Book Here - Spring Term - Book Here - This is an intermediate level squad for 11-13 Year olds and is invite only. 
  • Wednesdays - 1745-1845 - Spring Term - Book Here - This is a beginner / intermediate level squad for 11-13 Year olds who are either relatively new to tennis or for those still looking to develop their core tennis skills
  • Thursdays - 1715-1815 - Autumn Term - Book Here - Spring Term - Book Here - This is for 10-12 year olds improver players
  • Thursdays - 1715-1815 - 12+13 year old Team Training - Invite Only - Autum Term - Book Here - Spring Term - Book Here
  • Thursdays - 1815-1915 - Autumn Term - Book Here - Spring Term - Book Here - Ths is for 13+ improver players
  • Thursdays - 1815-1915 - Autumn Term - Book Here - Spring Term - Book Here - This is a performace squad for 13+ and is invite only

If you have any questions or would like to be considered for invite only sessions, please contact James Higgs on james.a.higgs@gmail.com 

If your child is not a member, why not join them up as member and save money and benefit from a whole years membership and club activities. It cost just £65 for under 12s or £110 for under 18s.
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The club strictly follow LTA guidelines with regards to safeguarding in order to ensure our juniors enjoy their tennis in a safe and healthy environment. To read more about our safeguaridng policy click here