Safeguarding and protection

We all have a vital role to play in keeping children and adults safe from harm. As we work towards getting more people playing tennis more often, we recognise the importance of promoting Safe and Inclusive tennis environments, so that people have positive experiences of tennis.

We are proud to have a British Tennis Safeguarding Policy, Standards, Code of Behaviour and Reporting Procedure that demonstrates our commitment to safeguard children and adults at risk. It is a commitment upheld by all Lawn Tennis Association, Tennis Scotland, Tennis Wales and the Tennis Foundation tennis venues, programmes, events and individuals.

We ask everyone to become Safe and Inclusive Tennis Champions – proactively promoting Safe and Inclusive tennis and responding to concerns you have about a child or adult.

Together we can make a positive difference to every child and adult in British Tennis.

Ed Fitzpatrick
Child Welfare Officer

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British Tennis Safeguarding Policy (356K PDF)