Terms and Conditions of MUGA use

1.The courts are for tennis, football, netball or basketball use only, unless other activities are specifically approved by Stapleford Parish Council (SPC). Bikes, scooters, footwear with spikes or studs and dogs (with the exception of guide dogs) are all strictly prohibited on the courts.

2. Appropriate attire should be worn on court and shirts must be worn at all times. Players are required to wear non-marking footwear when on courts.

3. Personal items should not be left on the premises overnight. Lost property, balls or equipment should be handed back to the owner (if known) or retained and the SPC Clerk notified. (clerk@staplefordparishcouncil.gov.uk)

4. Please respect your own and others possessions. SPC accepts no responsibility for items lost, stolen or damaged on the premises.

5. People not playing the above designated sports should respect players on the courts by not making excessive noise or causing distractions. No one, including players, should be using excessively loud voices or swearing.

6. Please respect and safeguard the court and ancillary facilities which are made available for use by all members of the community. Damage caused to venue is chargeable to the offender(s). Please report any damage to the Parish Clerk (clerk@staplefordparishcouncil.gov.uk).

7. Players play at their own risk. To the extent permitted by law, we will not accept responsibility for any injuries incurred during play at SPC venues in any weather/ground conditions. The court divider net must be drawn when two different sports are being played on Court 1 and Court 2.

8. Unless agreed otherwise, only coaches who are registered with Stapleford Tennis Club may charge for coaching services. Exclusive coach equipment (such as ball machines/ball carriers) is restricted to these coaches only.

9. SPC operates an online tennis court booking system called ClubSpark. Court bookings are available for half hour increments for a minimum of 1 hour. A pay before you play policy is enforced, except where tennis is being played by members of STC. Using courts prior to paying for them may require players to leave the court. You should cease your activity once the allocated booking time-slot has ended, regardless of whether someone else has booked the next period.

10. Pricing is set by SPC for all Pay-To-Play activity in order to encourage participation. Court bookings should be made online in advance and a gate entry code received. You should close the access gate when leaving the facility.

11. All usage of the courts should be via the Clubspark booking system. As such, and when asked, players should be able to show their booking reference to a member of SPC.

12. Court usage in poor weather conditions is at the individuals' personal risk. You should bring protection from showers as our general policy is that play will go ahead unless persistent heavy rain makes the courts unplayable. Any injury incurred while taking part in activities on damp or wet courts is your responsibility

13. Please ensure you do not litter the facilities. Please take all wrappers and containers for beverages etc with you when you leave.

14. All players have a right to enjoy their booking slot without interference from other court players. Any anti-social behaviour should be reported to the Parish Clerk and offenders may have their booking rights rescinded.

15. Cancellations are handled via the ClubSpark system. Cancellations can be done with at least 24 hours notice, otherwise they are final and no refunds will be possible.