Memberships and Renewals


We welcome new members of all standards at any time of the year.  Join by choosing a membership package below which will allow you to set up an account and provide the necessary information.  You can join at any time and will only pay a pro rata amount to cover the number of months remaining until the start of our next tennis year.  

Alternatively, come along to one of our club sessions (Saturday afternoon is best for adults, or Saturday morning for Juniors) to give us a try. You will be made very welcome and of course we hope you will decide to join.

Short term ‘holiday’ memberships may also be possible.

Please contact with any questions and we'll be sure to help you.



To renew, you will be sent an email with a link.  Click on the link and you will then be asked to sign-in to your account to complete your renewal with your chosen payment method (if you have any problems, please email


2024/2025 FULL SUBSCRIPTION RATES used for pro rata amounts through the year:

Full member – £175
Family – two adults and up to four children* – £305
Junior – 11-17 on 31st March or student in full time education – £67
Mini – under 11 on 31st March – £36
Weekday (Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm) - £102

*must include at least one child


2024/2025 Adult

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Adult Membership (Pro-rata: July 2024-March 2025)

Eligibility: Adults over 18 years old

Age: 18 and over

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2024/2025 Family

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Family Membership (Pro-rata: July 2024-March 2025)

Eligibility: One or two adults WITH AT LEAST ONE CHILD and up to four children under 18

Up to 6 members

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2024/2025 Junior/Student

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Junior/Student Membership (Pro-rata: July 2024-March 2025)

Eligibility: 11 years and older by 31st March 2024, Under 18 years on 31st March 2024

Age: 11 - 17 years

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2024/2025 Mini

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Junior Mini Membership (Pro-rata: July 2024-March 2025)

Eligibility: Members under the age of 11 on 31st March 2024

Age: 10 and under

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2024/2025 Social

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Social Membership - to join in social events

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2024/2025 Weekday/Country

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025

Weekday/Country Membership (Pro-rata: July 2024-March 2025)

Eligibility: Weekday players - play from 09.00 - 16.00 Monday to Friday inclusive. Country members - live more than 30 miles away

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