The club has a range of opportunities to join in with tennis at a level from beginners to experienced players, Club run sessions start with players aged 4 onwards. Click on the links below to find out more about joining our tennis sessions and  meeeting others to play. 

CHILD PLAYERS (age 11 and under)

Child players are expected to be supervised . Courts must be booked online using the FREE court booking system. The club offers a range of very low cost memberships for adult family members to play alongside or with their young player, in a supervisary capacity. Check out our 'Young Family Membership' package.


Please remember to book a court online on free online booking system.

JUNIORS  (age 12-17) 

Junior players aged 12-17  need no supervision however, parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring courts are booked on behalf of their young player including ALL players on that booking.

If online booking problems are encountered, contact your booking administrator - Claire by text on 07577 040409 who will be able to make a booking and confirmation email on your behalf.  We have experieced some online technical difficulties with U18 bookings.

FULL ADULT MEMBERS, STUDENTS 18+ , ADULTS 18+ with an impairment

For private games please remember to book a court online on free online booking system.