Can I use the club house when the bar is closed. Yes for access to seating / coffee machine (honesty contribution system) / squash courts / showers /WC.ed? 

How do I get in the club house?  When the bar is open the balcony door is open. Access is also via the members key pad on the lower door. 

What happens if I need to cancel a court? There is no forfeit. Cancellations allow other members to book. No shows however will be followed up. 

Does the club do food? No but snacks are served at the bar. 

How do I know when the bar is open? The opening times are weather & demand dependent but regular hours are 4-9pm weekdays  Sat 10 - 7pm Sun 12 - 5. 

Can I bring a guest? Yes - if they play there is a guest fee payable on line or at the bar. 

When can juniors play? Any time 

Can juniors use the club house? Yes 

Can non members play Yes there is a pay and pay option on line or a guest fee.

Can I book the clubhouse for social events? Yes in agreement with the management committee.

When are Tennis Mix in sessions? Tuesday eve / Saturday/ sunday - see website for details .

Is there tennis / squash coaching available? Yes both junior / adult /individual/group … contact admin@playtennisandsquash.co.uk

Which is the main entrance to the club? Balcony during the Bar opening Hours, Key lock on downstairs door for members only. 

Parking? Available at the top by the club house and along the side of the tennis courts as well as the council run car park between courts and athletics track. (Note this has locking times) 

How many courts can I book per day ? 2 but not adjacent courts - a player should book and include opponent(s).

Do I need to wear particular sports clothing?  Yes & No. Any appropriate sporting attire is acceptable. However correct footwear is mandatory  ( tennis shoes for grip / squash shoes for indoor use only).

How do squash players get a tan? By sitting on balcony after their shower and having drinkies  

Can I buy over the bar without the members card? We accept cash / card as well as the members card which can act as a prepaid card and entitles you to reduced prices. 

Do we sell equipment? Grips and balls behind the bar. Ace tennis has an online store

Can I borrow equipment? Yes currently available in the cupboard in club house.

How can I see details of who has booked a court? Names are shown when you log in, however details are not available on the Booker app only via the Club spark web page . 

How do I sign up for events? https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/swanseatennisandsquashclub/Events

How is the club run? https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/swanseatennisandsquashclub/AboutUs/TheCommittee

Is there a squash court cleaning brush? Yes near Ct 1 - 

How do I get to use the lights on tennis courts? Purchase from the bar £3.50 per 45 mins.   Lights can take 10 mins to warm up. The light card can be removed without losing court light time to allow next court booking to set up lights.