The club's shale courts in 1989Swansea Lawn Tennis and Squash Racquets Club was founded on its current site in 1964. 

The previous main tennis club in Swansea, Rosehill Tennis Club had closed due to its land being sold 2 years earlier. At the same time the local squash community, who had the use of one squash court at the Bristol Channel Yacht Club, were looking for better facilities for their growing sport.

A joint committee was formed, land obtained from Swansea Council and grants and loans sought for the development of the club. The club facilities comprised 6 red shale tennis courts and a 2 storey club building, with the main clubroom on the top floor and 2 squash courts, changing rooms and toilets on the bottom floor.

Since then there have been many changes. The clubhouse has been expanded to add 2 extra squash courts, including the glass backed court with spectator seating. A maisonette was added to the building, initially to accommodate Club Stewards. Tennis has now become a year round sport at the club with floodlights and all weather surfaces. 

But the basic layout of the club and its facilities is still the same now as it was then, a fantastic place with wonderful views over Swansea Bay. We owe the original founders a huge debt of gratitude for leaving us with such a superb place to play sport in.