My name is Chris Proud and I am Head Coach at Walton Tennis Club. My School of Tennis specialises in club coaching, and my role is to create an inspiring environment for students to learn in. I believe that the learning process should be creative, enjoyable and a natural one, that helps train students to achieve high levels of performance whilst having fun.

The foundation of learning for Tennis is based around four core components.

  • PHYSICAL - Strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, explosive speed, balance.
  • MENTAL - Concentration, discipline, temperament, mastering self.
  • TECHNICAL - Footwork patterns, contact mechanics of shots.
  • TACTICAL - Built around awareness, strategy, patterns, spins, power in a game situation.

My approach is built around developing these four core components but encouraging students to develop a questioning approach to learning, seeking to find answers from self awareness, experimentation, creativity and most importantly having fun.

A racquet restringing service and tennis equipment are also available - choosing from a wide range of well known brands and makes.

For further details about these services, coaching courses, or for private lessons, contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Or call me on 07952 473324.