Junior Coaching

Our junior coaching programme runs throughout the year, following the pattern of school terms (although the junior mix-in continues throughout the holidays as well.) It follows the LTA classification based on ability, but each ‘colour’ gives an approximate age range.

Costs: £7 per session (members: £5 a session) unless otherwise stated.

UNDER 11’s – join the club and get a voucher for FREE lessons.

Saturday Morning (indoor facilities available)

Mini tots age 2-5       9.45-10.15 am £2.50 a session

Mini red age 5-7        9.30- 10.30 am

Mini orange age 7-9  10.30-11.30 am

Mini green age 9-11  11.30-12.30 am

Saturday morning junior sessions continue through the summer holidays on a pay as you go basis.

Friday Evening

Junior supervised mix-in  11+  4.30 – 6 pm - £2 per head (non-members welcome).