Quorn Family Tennis Cup

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This Month's Tennis Tip:

"The Right Mindset to Play a Great Set"

 Approaching your next match with positive thinking can make a difference.  Start by smiling!  It takes fewer muscles to smile, it can increase your confidence and a relaxed jaw has been proven to increase your energy output. Plus you're playing a game you love!

You also want to expect mistakes because you will make them.  If you can recover quickly and positively from a mistake you will probably not lose momentum and more points.  After a mistake have some sort of closure like snapping your fingers or taking a slow deep breath?  This will help you forget about the mistake.  You are now ready to play the next point and you have the right mindset to play a great set!        

What's Good about Tennis:

You are making a great decision to play tennis - tennis helps to improve your anaerobic fitness because of the short bursts of high energy followed by short rest periods.  Usually this type of training is more work-like but tennis improves your anaerobic fitness while you're having fun!

This Month's Promotion:

Why Use A Ball Machine?

Tennis is a challenging sport, so allow yourself time to get better.  Time and playing will help but you must also practice.  Practice is not always something that is worth your time because of how you practice, who you practice with and what you practice.  A ball machine can help!  It is worth your time, energy and money because:

* A ball machine will shorten your practice time

* A ball machine will always work on shots you need to practice

* A ball machine doesn't get tired or complain

* A ball machine can be shared with a friend or two

* A ball machine is always available

Ask about our ball machine,

Have a great month a see you on court

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