Latest Club Committee Meeting Minutes

Aboyne Tennis Club Management Committee Meeting – 15th February 2021

Present via Zoom: Brian Howell, Iain Young, Judith Brown-Kerr, Andrew Fyfe, Sarah Hoare, Christine Fyfe, Joss Marshall, Keren Beveridge, Alan Curran, Rachael Esson, Cat Manzi (observer), Tammy Sebire (observer)

1.     Apologies – None 

2.     Minutes of meeting 30th November 2020   


3.     Matters Arising

Updates on Actions were compiled from email feedback,

  • Access and activities for those with a disability. Organise sessions in Spring.  Postponed till 2021 

  • CPR training - info has been received and a session to be requested. Postponed till 2021

  • Option for members to pay for guests at rate lower than pay + play should be available in Clubspark, to be checked, then advertised at the start of the 2021 season. Open – Andrew and Brian.

  • Coaching capability enhancement and collaboration with a local charity to be held over to 2021 due to Covid restrictions. Has been incorporated into 2021 plan. Closed.

  • Succession planning - Chair will coordinate overall. Completed. Though to be repeated in 2021/2

  • Option for Seniors Championships in 2021. To be added to 2021 Calendar discussion. Completed

  • An option to remove more trees at little or no cost to the Club – see Facilities below.

  • Prepare an equipment maintenance schedule. Open – Andrew.

  • Repair combination door lock. Complete

  • SSE rebate not received from Community Shed works, status to be checked. Open - Andrew

  • Encourage more members to join the LTA at the start of 2021 season. Open – Iain

  • A concise explanation of the grant to be prepared in report for the AGM. Open – Brian

  • New joiners – action modified to being understand 2020 members who do not rejoin in 2021 and has been added to 2021 draft plan. Closed 

  • Consideration to be given to writing a pick-up/drop-off a policy. Open – Judith and Rachael

  • Covid rules reminder to go out in the next general email. Completed

  • Business milestones document enhanced by adding responsible parties. Completed

  • Input to 2021 plan targets and events. Completed

  • Pickleball request response. Completed

  • Use of Community Shed. A response to a request is needed. Open

  • AGM – now to be 15th March via Zoom.  Closed


4. Development Items

  1. Draft 2021 plan – feedback/comments/additional items to be sent to Brian. Action – All. Decision - Free membership period to be offered in first month of new season for potential new joiners. 

  2. Update of Long-term Plan – the Assumptions document in the pre-read was Approved.


5. Facilities

  1. Benches. The proposal to install benches at the south end of the courts was supported, but with suggestion of looking into seats instead, i.e., with backrests. Action - Andrew

  2. Kerbing. The recommendation to look into kerbing to control weeds was to be held over for a year – early and deep weedkilling to be trialled instead. Action – Andrew

  3. Trees – taking down additional trees deemed too risky for now, but a quote to be obtained from Craig Nicol. Likely outcome is to wait and align tree removal with the next courts recolouring (currently planned 2023). Action - Andrew


6. Governance

Annual Business Milestones document now been completed - to be kept “live” in googledrive. 


7. Finance Update

Keren provided the draft 2020 accounts for review. A highlight is that the sinking fund is now 2 years ahead of plan. These accounts were supported for presenting to the AGM.  Carol Bissett has been appointed as auditor of the 2020 accounts.

Two discussion points followed - Members paying by cheque, it was decided this can continue, but should be discouraged.  The need for Petty cash – following discussion it was decided that although we will continue to encourage cashless payments, there is likely to be a continuing need for petty cash. 


Post-meeting note – the Chair suggested a proposal on a petty cash use policy is made to the next Committee meeting.


8. Membership Update

The 2021 fees proposal circulated as pre-read was supported for recommending to the AGM. The definition of “second club” may need tightening up. Action – Brian


9. Safeguarding

Diversity and Inclusion policy review. The Chair confirmed he had reviewed and supported the policy which can be found here -

A Safeguarding virtual visit, together with a survey is planned by Tennis Scotland. Action – Brian and Judith.


10. Proposed Main Committee Roles for proposal to 2021 AGM

Cat Manzi and Tammy Sebire will be proposed to the 2021 AGM as candidates for Secretary and Chair respectively. The potential replacement of the welfare officer remains open, Judith to speak with the one identified candidate. Action – Judith

General support for roles proposal, though the new “Membership” role on the committee to be expanded to include membership development and marketing. Action - Brian


11. Any Other Competent Business

  1. Club Calendar. Decision - Add an “over 45’s” tournament – singles and double, but no mixed. Discuss and recommend format. Action Sarah and Andrew. Decision – incorporate a “Monthly Mixed” into the calendar, 4-6 pm on a Sunday. Action - Iain Dates for NES Junior Tournaments to be obtained from Graham. Action – Alan

  2. Request from Kalya Mitchell-Mehta for project work was Approved. More info needed before scope can be finalised. Action – Brian and Iain


12. Date, time and format of the AGM/ next meeting

  1. AGM – To be held on the 15th March at 7.30 pm via Zoom. AGM reports needed. Action – Brian, Keren, Andrew Notices to go out Action – Iain AGM Zoom joining details and preparation Action – Brian

  2. Committee Meeting - Mon 5th April, 7.30 pm, venue tbd but likely via Zoom Action - Secretary


Iain Young,  Secretary