Latest Club Committee Meeting Minutes

Aboyne Tennis Club Management Committee Meeting – 3rd December, 2018


Present:           Brian Howell, Iain Young, Rachael Esson, Judith Brown-Kerr, Andrew Fyfe, Christine Fyfe, Joss Marshall, Alison Hodgetts, Alan Curran and Kirsty Sherrington. Cameron Smith and Emily Marshall joined as Junior observers.

1.         Apologies - none  

2.         Minutes of meeting 19th August, 2018   

Approved as a true record.

3.         Matters arising

  • Membership payments over several months by DD. This option is administratively complex for the Treasurer. Will be reviewed ahead of 2019.Action – Kirsty and Andrew.
  • Venue registration and risk assessment access both complete. Level 2 safeguarding course for Judith and Kirsty planned. Need for PVG check renewals to be clarified. Completed.
  • Review electricity bills against contract. Provision and levy close to actual. Completed.
  • Membership renewal learnings. See under 12 below.
  • Membership survey and junior’s committee attendance. See below. Closed.
  • A draft Terms of Reference for the DSC was tabled by Alan and comments taken. Final version to be submitted for approval. See below under 4. Closed.
  • Professional development - confirmed as a DSC matter. Closed.
  • Clubhouse roof replacement needs budgeted in next year’s financial plan. Completed.
  • Final DSC ToR has been completed and is to be circulated to main Committee.Completed.
  • Clubserve self-assessment -remaining assessments  incorporated. Completed.
  • Questions on liabilities in the constitution – checked, no issues. Completed.
  • Privacy notice on membership to be checked on Club website together with links to Gocardless policy, Decision - No Action on Gocardless required. Website to be checked and reminder email circulated;Opt-in/out to be linked to renewal next year, Action - Andrew
  • Googlemail account to be checked for obsolete personal data to be deleted, Action open – Iain. 
  • LTA Wimbledon ballot coordinator to be changed from Joss to Iain. Completed.
  • Renewal reminder process via LTA website.Closed.
  • Club to offer “buddies” to new members initially via the welcome email. Completed.
  • Etiquette “crib” sheet – a previous version is in use. Completed.
  • The proposed membership survey was discussed and a draft approved for use. Completed.
  • Ball machine – policy agreed with training to be from qualified coaches, notice to be made for Clubhouse. Action - Joss.
  • Courts official opening.Completed.

4.         Development Plan and Report from Development Sub-Committee

Approved DSC ToR has been circulated.Next DSC to meet early 2019 and agree a 2019 plan ahead of AGM and preparation of 2019 Club Calendar.Action – Alan. Replacement on DSC for Julie was discussed and agreed that Brian will join, Decision made. The Committee recognised the positive participation experience in coaching and competitive events and commended Graham’s role in both this and in pushing tennis in NE Scotland. It was noted that there is an indoor courts initiative in the Garioch area - although it is unlikely to be of direct benefit to the Club, it is another indication of interest in the sport.

4a. Ladies Tennis.Progress is being made – Juniors have been encouraged with some success to join Deeside and NESLTA teams, Club nights, social tennis and match practice on Wednesday evening. Match practice to restart at end January.

4b. Tennis Scotland Club Development Conference.Brian, Alan and Andrew attended and made a presentation on our court replacement project. This was well-received. ATC has been nominated as Club of the Year. A conference summary has been prepared and is to be circulated to the Committee. Action - Brian


5.         Facilities

  1. Courts - Project close-out is now complete with final payments received and made. Annual moss killing is pending. Lighting curfew discussed (there has been one inadvertent breach) and lights now timed to go off per curfew. However, rationale for curfew to be reviewed with the architect. Action - Andrew
  2. Clubhouse -  Painting of walls complete, roof deferred. Clubmark sign to be removed if possible, Action – Andrew.

6.         Governance

LTA registration has been completed and signage placed in Clubhouse. Committee thanked, especially Rachael, for their help. On GDPR, a data review has been conducted, results to be sent to Brian. Action – Rachael


 7.        Safeguarding

Judith noted she has completed online training. This should be recorded on the LTA website and is to be checked,Action – Iain. Complaint procedures were  reviewed and it was agreed that in the interests of efficiency, and to preserve the strict confidentiality these matters demand, that in the first instance and future complaints would be handled by the Welfare Officer, the Chairman and head of the DSC, noting the 24 hour reporting deadline for the LTA in the case of a Safeguarding issue, Decision made. Absence cover for Judith was discussed and it was agreed that Brian, Kirsty or any committee member would cover in that order,Decision made. Succession planning was discussed and Kirsty volunteered, role description to be shared,Action – Judith.

8.         Treasurer’s Report

Number 2 account: balance £5796.87 - no money comes out of this account, only “stripe” payments go in. Number 1 account: £9845.67 anticipating cheques written but not cashed, and cash paid in. On track to make necessary sinking fund allowance from no. 2 a/c.

9.         Report from Events and Marketing Sub-Committee

Refer to pre-read summary, LE for year ca £5600. Ceilidh a great success, contribution of Juniors especially noted. Next year’s programme to be discussed early in 2019, Action – Christine.  Ideas sought for replacement for duck race, eg BBQ. Sponsorship opportunities discussed, agreed to seek individual to sit on Events and Marketing sub-committee, Action – Andrew.


10.       Club Championships

Very successful, though scheduling clashes meant it was impossible to have all finals matches on finals day. The proposed solution is to have Junior Championships pre-summer break and Senior Championships at end of season. Action – DSC to propose format and schedule. On Finals day, it was very hard to follow progress of matches on Court 2, options for simple scoreboard to be looked into Action – Iain to follow up with Cameron and Kirsty.

12.       Membership, including Survey Results and Way Forward

Refer pre-read analysis. Membership at an all-time high of 247. An informal move of autumn/winter membership to extend to 7 months instead of 6 was endorsed, Decision made. Review of members at potential risk of leaving to be considered, Action – DSC.Membership survey results and proposed actions, building on pre-read from Brian, the following was Decided;

  • Communicate Summary of Survey results and agreed actions to all members -Action- Brian
  • Ask new Junior reps on the committee to review survey and provide feedback -Action- Brian to coordinate responses from Emily and Cameron and build into feedback to Club
  • Club house. 1) Feedback to Club membership why extending the facilities is not practical - ActionBrian2) Organise Club house spring clean next year -Action– Andrew 3) Contact Bowling Club to discuss synergies Action – Brian and Andrew.
  • Advise members on what to do etc, and review provision of info –Already Completed by Andrew.
  • Induction process for new members  - update welcome note and buddy to follow up with telephone call setting expectation of meeting at clubhouse. -Action- Iain and All.
  • Reinvigoration of social tennis, availability of non-competitive tennis sessions and coaching, member contact methods to identify those of similar standards etc,Action– DSC
  • Ideas from Survey for social events to be considered,Action - Christine
  • Access and activities for those with a disability,Action– Brian and Judith

13.       Any Other Competent Business

AGM to be held on 6thMarch at 7.00pm, Scout Hut to be booked,Action - Iain. Opportunities to build on twinning relationship to be considered in 2019 plan (agenda for next meeting),Action – Iain. Wimbledon ballot, BTM opt-in by members to be chased,Action – Iain. Men’s Sunday training slot on 16thDecember to be extended to all members and given a Christmas flavour,Action – Andrew.

14.       Next meeting

Provisionally - 7.30 pm, Monday 18th February  at Kirsty’s house.


Iain Young