American Doubles Night

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Just for fun - and to add a bit of spice to next Monday's Club Night (10th July). Starting at 7.30pm we'll be running an American Doubles event. Bottle of wine to the winner. (Under 18s welcome but don't expect wine!). A great way for new members to meet a few people. And if you want to sign up for membership on the night that's fine.

For those new to the format - you don't need to come with a partner, we'll just pair people up as they arrive, then after a short set (or a timed game depending on numbers) everyone swaps round, changes partners & starts again. Score a point for a win, take it with you to your next game - so winning the prize doesn't just depend on playing standard.

Don't plan to go home early - the Social Club bar will be open until at least 11pm.