Almondsbury Tennis Club Coaching

All our tennis coaching at Almondsbury is run by TH Tennis - for all bookings and information please refer to Toby's coaching website here or click on the separate links below.

From 29th March...we reopen fully for coaching!

TERM TIME TENNIS - Improve your child's FOCUS and listening skills, build their RESILIENCE and help them SOCIALISE with new people.

Mon-Sat during term time, 3-18 years, all standards welcome.

HOLIDAY AND HALF-TERM CAMPS - Get your kids OUTSIDE, making NEW friends, learning new SKILLS and getting FITTER.

Mon-Fri during school holidays 9am-4pm (book mornings, afternoons or full day), 5-16 years, all standards welcome.

ADULT GROUP COACHING - Early bird? Working from home? 9-5 worker?

Groups run Mon-Sat varying times of the day, all standards and our cardio tennis workout.

PRIVATE LESSONS - Want to improve more quickly?

Regular or a suite of 1-1 or 2-1 lessons with our head coach or assistant coach are availble on request.