Almondsbury Tennis Club Coaching

All our tennis coaching at Almondsbury is run by TH Tennis - for all bookings and information please refer to Toby's coaching website here or click on the separate links below.  You can get information on his  racket stringing service here. To directly email Toby please do so via ratehr than the club email address.

TERM TIME TENNIS - Improve your child's FOCUS and listening skills, build their RESILIENCE and help them SOCIALISE with new people.

Mon-Sat during term time, 3-18 years, all standards welcome.

HOLIDAY AND HALF-TERM CAMPS - Get your kids OUTSIDE, making NEW friends, learning new SKILLS and getting FITTER.

Mon-Fri during school holidays 9am-4pm (book mornings, afternoons or full day), 5-16 years, all standards welcome.

ADULT GROUP COACHING - Early bird? Working from home? 9-5 worker?

Groups run Mon-Sat varying times of the day, all standards and our cardio tennis workout.

PRIVATE LESSONS - Want to improve more quickly?

Regular or a suite of 1-1 or 2-1 lessons with our head coach or assistant coach are availble on request.


Use the list above to access all TH Tennis coaching courses - below are Member only club sessions