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What is Padel?

Padel is a racket sport that combines elements of tennis, squash and badminton and is played by over 12 million people. Padel is doubles only and played outdoors and indoors.

A padel court is smaller than a tennis court (10m x 20m) and is surrounded by glass walls and steel fence. The similarities to tennis are the presence of a net, the scoring system and the balls (slightly softer). Padel bats are small so easier to manoeuvre than tennis rackets.            

Padel is fun, accessible and very sociable. It is an appealing game for all ages and levels of players.

Court rates

Midweek (Monday to Friday)

  • 8am-10am - Super Off Peak - From £2/player
  • 10am-5pm - Off Peak - From £3/player
  • 5pm-10pm - Peak - From £4/player

Weekend (Saturday/Sunday)

  • 8am-10am - Super Off Peak - From £2/player
  • 10am-5pm - Peak - From £4/player
  • 5pm-10pm - Off Peak - From £3/player
  • 1pm to 5pm - Family Off Peak (Family members) - From £3/player

Game4Padel Membership

All Barnton Park members are eligible for a full Game4Padel membership at 20% off! If you are a Barnton Park LTC member and wish to join Game4Padel please click on the link below.


  • All benefits apply to all Game4Padel venues.
  • Court booking discount: (court cost is shared between 4 players) | Barnton Park LTC: Members £16/hour, Non Members £24/hour (50% off during lockdown restrictions) | Thistle Padel (2 indoor courts): Members £20/hour, Non Members £28/hour (50% off during lockdown restrictions)
  • Priority booking.
  • Discount on clothing, equipment, rackets.
  • Discount on group and private lessons (group and private lessons are currently not allowed)
  • Reduced rate on tournaments and events.
  • Eligibility to enter Game4Padel interclub team leagues.


For more information about padel and memberships please go to