Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

For a full breakdown of the LTA’s latest COVID guidelines please refer to -

The tennis courts at this park are available for you to book online FREE OF CHARGE, affording you the opportunity to plan your game in advance with family & friends. This is a self-managed system.

  •  Bookings can be made up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Court bookings are available on the hour. 
  • Multiple court bookings can be made, for more than one hour at a time. In the interests of fairness, at peak times such as weekday evenings and weekends, we would ask that you are considerate and limit court time to one hour.
  • Some courts at selected times may be reserved for organised activities. Coaches will need to be approved Wirral Borough Council to operate on the courts, and book courts in advance for coaching lessons
  • Players are requested to arrive in time for the start of their sessions and to vacate the court immediately if another person has booked the following time slot.
  • Players are advised to bring their booking confirmation with them (provided in an email) in case you need to show proof of booking.
  • It is advised, for safety reasons, that no more than 4 players play on a single court at any one time, unless under the supervision of a coach.
  • Court usage in poor weather conditions is at the individual’s personal risk
  • Cancellation: any necessary court cancellations should be made where possible with 24 hours’ notice prior to the court booking time. To enable to court to be available for the use by someone else we politely request that you make the effort to cancel your booking when you are unable to play.