Past Winners

Winners for the February draw are: 

First = Ruth Holmes

Second = Wendy Griffiths

Third = Camilla Davies


Winners for the January draw are: 

First = Susan Cooper

Second = Jude Duffy

Third = Anne-Marie Jackson


Winners of the December draw: 

FIRST = Ruth Holmes

SECOND = Clive Millard

THIRD = Meg Fitzgerald


Winners of the November draw: 

FIRST = Nigel Reaney

SECOND = Christine Fall

THIRD = Anne-Marie Jackson


Winners of the October draw: 

FIRST = Lawrence Monk

SECOND = Anne-Marie Jackson

THIRD = Sylvia Manson


Winners of the September draw: 

FIRST = Helen Randle

SECOND = Nigel Reaney

THIRD = Elisabeth Huntenburg


Winners of the August draw: 

FIRST = Martin Hewings

SECOND = Lorraine Reaney

THIRD = Helen Randle


Winners of the July draw: 

FIRST = Anne-Marie Jackson

SECOND = Jenny Olivant

THIRD = Phil Taylor