Summer 2020 Club Champs and Junior Camps

Over this weird summer, we are trying to keep competitive and fun tennis going by having a month long club tournament. If you would like to enter the tournament, please go over to our Coaching Page , scroll to the bottom and search for the tournaments you want to enter. The deadline for entries is Friday 31st July.

You can see who has entered so far, plus the draws and results as they progress at:

We're also using this page to let parents know about the Summer Camps we're running this year. Unfortunately, due to Coronavirus restrictions, we need to run these a little differently this year. We cannot really have children at the club for the whole day as this introduces complications with use of toilet facilities, eating lunch, etc. Instead we will be running three hour long camps as follows:

  • 9-12 for ages 6-10 - maximum of ten places
  • 12:30 - 3:30pm for ages 10-14 - maximum of ten places

We hope that these will be great fun for children over the holidays, with a variety of sporting games, not just tennis.

The first camp date is Friday 7th August. Again, please book on to this beforehand by going to our Coaching Page .

Further dates will be announced shortly, depending on the popularity of the first camp, but we'd hope to have these on most Fridays of the summer holidays.