Floodlights / Tokens

Tokens for the floodlights are available at a cost of £3.00 each (for 30 mins) and can be purchased from the following sources:

1. The Bar at John Clement Sports & Community Centre - when it is open

2. Dave Foster - email: [email protected] / Phone: 07778 568768 

3. Juliet Thomas - email:  [email protected]  / Phone: 07900 413696

4. Chris Gough - email: [email protected]  / Phone: 07801 009757


Tokens for the Wednesday evening Club Sessions are provided by the club and can be obtained from the JCS&CC bar on the night, or any of the above contacts.   Please also remember to return any unused tokens to the bar.   

The light box is by the entrance to Court 1, and the padlock code is provided to all members.  Instructions on how to use and turn off the floodlights can be found on the inside of the control box door. Please ensure the light box it is locked when you leave.  The floodlights are allowed to be used all year, but no later than 10pm. Please ensure the lights are turned off when you leave the courts, and the light box is padlocked.