Pay and Play

Here at Corby Tennis Centre, we are a very sociable, relaxed, friendly club and welcome all types of players.


We don’t mind if you don’t have the latest trainers. We won’t giggle or stare if you cannot hit a ball straight or hard. We don’t mind if you have never hit a ball before and don’t know the rules. 


Our club ethos is to make the sport of tennis affordable and accessible to everyone. That is why we are keen to offer a pay-and-play opportunity as well as a membership. That way, you get to try it as little or often as you like but can also make savings if you play regularly and want to become a member of our club. 


We are happy to offer advice about playing with smaller racquets and low compression balls to make the game easier. We offer lessons for beginners and intermediate players if you want some extra help. Please look to our COACHING page, above, for more information about these opportunities. We also have adult social sessions for those who can play a game but would like to play with different people.


So dust off your old trainers and grab your sportswear and come along! 


Give our reception team a call on 01536 407851 reserve your court in the morning, pay over the phone by debit card and secure your booking. Pay & Play with us today!


Non-members can make same-day bookings over the telephone with payment by debit card, while members can book up to seven days in advance.