Junior Lessons

Below you will find a comprehensive list of all our Junior coaching groups as well as details of when they meet.  These groups meet all year round, excluding school holidays when we operate our Junior Holiday Camps.

Please note: To take part in these coaching sessions your child MUST be a junior member.  Look at our Membership page for details and prices about the benefits of membership.

Note we also offer FREE 1-2-1 tuition for budding young tennis juniors - find out more here.

TENNIS FOR KIDS: We are delighted to participate in the fantastic LTA Tennis for Kids programme, you can find out more about our Tennis for Kids courses here.

*Saturdays and Sundays are not official coaching sessions.  They are 'Pay & Play' supervised sessions.  You do not need to book to attend these, simply turn up and pay £3.00 on the day for the correct time for your child/rens age group

Mini-Tennis: Tots (Ages 2-5)

Tennis Tots is a fun way to encourage young children into the game by helping with their co-ordination from an early age.  Session details are below.

Monday: 4-4.30pm (ages 2-3), 4.30-5pm (ages 4-5)

Friday: 4-4.30pm (ages 2-3), 4.30-5pm (ages 4-5)

*Saturday and Sunday Pay & Play: 9.30-10am

Mini-Tennis: Red (Ages 6-8)

Played on a mini-tennis court and using special, softer balls, Mini-Tennis Red is the starting point for a young player, where they will learn the basic shots of the game.  Session details are below.

Monday: 5-6pm

Friday: 5-6pm

*Saturday and Sunday Pay & Play: 10-10.30am

Mini-Tennis: Orange (Ages 8-9)

This is the next progression from Red.  The court is larger, though not full size and the balls a bit firmer.  Young players will learn more about the tactics and techniques of the game as they start to hone their skills.  Session details are below.

Monday: 5-6pm

Friday: 5-6pm

*Saturday and Sunday Pay & Play: 10-10.30am

Mini-Tennis: Green (Ages 10+)

At the final stage of the Mini-Tennis ladder is Green.  It is upgrades players to a full size court and again the balls become harder.  As players should now be accustomed to some of the basic tactics, as well as the rules of the game, they can now focus on improving their shots and the finer points of how to play the game well.

Session details are below.

Monday: 6-7pm

Fridays: 5-6pm

*Saturday and Sunday Pay & Play: 10.30-11am

Junior Tennis: Yellow (Ages 11+)

Our Junior Squads play the same game as adults and coaches use drills and game practice to get them ready for competitive tennis.  We have a range of different squads at these age levels.  Session details are below.

Monday: 6-7pm (A's), 7-8pm (B's)

Tuesday: 5-6pm (Boys), 6-7pm (Girls)