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Coaching Programme Player Pathway

My aim has always been to develop a tennis programme for all ages providing a clear pathway for junior players from picking up a racket for the first time through to competing at the highest level that they can, as well as for those who just want to play for fun.  The programme will be constructed in such a way that there are various opportunities for players to progress through the pathway and play at a level that is appropriate for them, along with players of a similar standard.  The pathway consists of 3 principle stages – Play, Progress and Perform – as well as a competition stage, as detailed below - 

  • Little Aces” – working on fundamental motor skills for nursery age kids and beginners using fun games.  Part of the "Play" part of the pathway. 
  • Play” – sessions open to all, working on fundamental motor skills and introducing all the basic tennis strokes in a fun and friendly environment through drills and fun games.
  • Progress” – further improve the players’ technique and rallying skills, whilst developing more of an understanding of the game of tennis.  These classes will be limited to 4 players per court.
  • Perform” – focus on match tactics, shot selection, and with more emphasis on fitness and footwork.  This stage is for those players who are showing good potential and are keen to progress and are taking part in team tennis and tournaments, locally and beyond.  These sessions are for club members who ideally will attend another coaching session in the week.  These classes will be limited to 4 players per court.
  • Compete” – these are “Perform” stage players who will be taking part in Local, County and Regional tournaments, and training in District and County training squads.  These players will be encouraged to keep a training diary, chart match performance, etc. 

Players who are showing good potential and have progressed through the club player pathway may be invited to sessions of the Central and West Fife cluster, a collaboration between local clubs to provide more opportunities to train and play with others of an equivalent level.

Further details on the Cluster Programme can be found HERE