With over 250 members across all age groups there are many ways to play tennis at the club.

You can book a court and arrange to play with fellow members, join a friendly social play session, challenge others in the club box leagues or tournaments or sign up for some coaching whether individual or group. The club has several teams playing in the Oxfordshire league and new players are always welcome to join the squads. There are club sessions, regular coaching and after school sessions and tennis camps during the holidays for our junior members.



Adult (& Junior) coaching is available through our professional  LTA Accredited+ Coach,  Jon Howey of Oxfordshire Tennis and his team.  You can book an individual coaching session or see what is available at GTC in terms of group sessions through his website   


Adult Tournaments

Look out for our American Doubles Tournaments which are great fun and come up throught the year.

Our American Doubles tournaments give players the opportunity to play with lots of different people.  You do not need to enter with a partner as you will be partnered with different players throughout the event.  The format is mixed doubles with fixed duration matches.  Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment .  They usually take place in spring/summer and autumn.


Box Leagues

GTC holds matchplay opportunities through the LTA Box League system which Oxfordshire Tennis administers.   Signing up for Box Leagues is by going through the LTA website under Goring Tennis Club.  The adult Box Leagues have completed for this year but do look out for when they are next open to players.  They are a chance to organise your own matches with people of a similar standard to you within your own "box".  Box leagues are new this year and have been very popular with members. To enter a  Box league click here and select the event you wish to ender under the drop down menu. Enter here 


Club Sessions

Club sessions are friendly, inclusive and for all standards.

Non members are welcome to attend up to three sessions free of cost. For more information or to arrange an introduction contact

Our current Adult Club sessions are:

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:30 am -11.30 am
  • Tuesday evenings 6:00 pm- 9.30 pm
  • Sunday mornings 10am- 12 noon


Competitive Tennis

If your goal is to play more competitively you could  join one of our team squads.  Contact our Match Secretary, Sue T (see link below) to ask any questions or arrange an introduction to any of our team captains. 

Team Captains

Ladies' A Team  - Sue

Ladies' B Team  - Jane 

Men's A Team -  Stu

Men's B Team - Alex

Mixed Team (Summer) - Alastair

Winter/Summer Leagues

We have two ladies' and two men's teams playing regularly in the Oxfordshire Dunlop Winter Leagues and two ladies' teams, two men's teams and a mixed team in the Oxfordshire Dunlop Summer Leagues. There is also a ladies' team playing in the Oxfordshire Dunlop Summer Mid Week League.
If you are interested in playing for our teams contact Sue T at

Good luck to all our teams going forward in their matches!



Public Court

As part of our lease terms from Goring Parish Council, Goring Tennis Club provides one court for the use of residents of Goring and Streatley Parishes ONLY - free of charge.  Court 5 only, in the South West corner, is currently designated for this use.  We do not currently make a charge for the use of this court. Play is on a first come - first served basis. Parish residents may be asked for proof of residency within the parish on an ad-hoc basis.  Court 5 is maintained by GTC at their expense.

Non-members who are not residents of Goring Parish do not have access to Court 5 and must join the Club to have access to play on any of the courts.

Our lease allows the Club (GTC) to use the Public Court at certain designated times during the year.

There is no booking system for the Public Court (no 5) and Goring Parish residents who use it miss out on the other benefits only available to members of GTC.   

None of the courts at Goring Tennis Club can be used by any other sporting organisation or body.  Tennis Courts are for the practice and play of tennis in all its forms only. 


Practice Wall

The Club has a practice wall installed alongside court number 3 in the South East corner.  Members can use this to practice alone or with a partner and can use it to warm up while waiting to play - if not in use.


Booking system

There is a booking system in place in order for members to book the time and court you wish to use to avoid disappointment.  You can find it on this website under the tab head "Bookings".    Please book a court when you wish to play but remember to cancel it if you no longer wish to use it.  We politely ask members to do this as some parish members live a distance away and don't travel if they see all courts are booked - so do release your booking if you no longer need it.  Thank you.