Goring Tennis Club has a thriving base of juniors and is proud to offer a range of opportunities to young tennis players.  Along with our Head Coach Jon (LTA Accredited+ tennis professional) Oxfordshire Tennis, and our Junior Chair  we welcome budding young tennis players for individual or group coaching sessions. A packed junior programme.  A future Wimbledon Champion may be among us!


Oxfordshire Tennis runs excellent Tennis Squads for GTC Junior members on Friday evenings and Saturdays mornings.  For more information on all our schedule of classes please click here 

BOOKING SATURDAY TENNIS SQUADS (Spring Term) or After School Tennis Squads-

For details on Saturday Tennis Squads or Afterschool Tennis Squads or to book a place check the Oxfordshire Tennis website

Please make sure you make a booking through the Oxfordshire Tennis website only.  Bookings are only being made through the website this term freeing Head Coach, Jon to answer any enquiries of new starts or those experiencing difficulties in booking. Squad places are very popular. 

  • REMEMBER to re-book on the oxfordshire website after Easter but before Summer term starts!




  • To bring a cap to keep out the high sun in summer and the low sun in winter
  • To bring a named water bottle - water fill ups are always available
  • To bring a snack if you are involved in a double session - NO NUTS PLEASE!
  • To wear suitable clothing for the weather conditions.  This includes waterproof if raining.  They should still be able to move arms freely.  Gloves are fine but can get in the way if they are not thin.  If really cold - pop a glove on the non-dominant hand.
  • To cleck lost property for any items you are missing.
  • To wear suitable footwear
  • To bring a named tennis racket - if you have one suitable - dont worry if you don't have one as you can borrow one!

Parents and Carers

  • Car Park -Please be careful especially on a Saturday as the car park is very busy due to football sessions being on at the same time. Please only park in designated bays ensuring that cars are not parked in such a way to not block the entrace/exit area.  Thanks to those parents/carers who live locally and walk to Saturday squad sessions.
  • Safeguarding - Parents and carers who have small children attending Saturday squads are asked to stay as coaches cannot assist any child  attending the toilet.  Thanks you for your understanding.
  • Picking up your child - Small children attending courts 1 and 2 will not be allowed beyond the last flag  (or the end of the bench when the flags are not up).  They will be asked to wave at the parent or carer before being allowed out of the courts for a safe handover. If any child is being walked home with an older sibling Jon or Gilly must be informed at the start of the session, thank you.  We do not allow small children to walk to your car or to the football area unaccompanied for their own safety, thanks you for your understanding.
  • Portaloo - there is a portaloo facility available for the sole use of members .  These facilities are NOT open to footballers, their coaches or supporters.  The loo is regulary cleaned by GTC Committee Volunteers.
  • Jewellery/toys - For health and safety reasons we do not allow jewellery or toys on court.
  • Lost property - There is a lost property box in the GTC club house.  Please look there for any of your lost items. 
  • Rackets - Jon has a small qualntity of rackets available to purchase for smaller juniors  Please ask a coach for details.
  • Allergies or medical conditions - Please ensure that Jon Howie has any relivant information about your child's allergy.  If your child has an Epipen - please ensure the coach is informed and ensure the epipen is available.  Some children have inhailers - please inform the coach and ensure the inhailer is available along with any relevant information.  Jon, Gilly and Todd are first aid trained.
  • Player illness - If your child is ill we operate the same policy as most schools - please don't take your child to tennis if they have had an incident of D and V. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Booking - Booking Saturday Squad and Afterschool sessions are through the Oxfordshire Tennis website only.  Please look at terms and conditions on that website regarding notice, thanks you.
  • Re-booking - Please ensure that you book each term on the Oxfordshire Tennis website as the Squad sessions are very popular we sometimes have a waiting list.
  • Individual Junior coaching - is available please contact Jon with your requirements. Remeber, he does adult individual or group coaching as well as restringing and handle re-wraps.
  • Individual Junior coaching if you can't attend- please send an email to Jon in plenty of time (see terms and conditions via Oxfordshire Tennis website) if your child cannot attend their session so you are billed corretly.
  • Questions? - Coaches have a quick turnaround between sessions.  We will answer if we can (Gilly for courts 1 & 2 - Jon for courts 3,4 & 5).  If we can't answer you fully there and then we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Jon, GIlly and all at Oxfordshire Tennis Coaching Team


MATCH PLAY & ACTIVITIES  - Junior GTC members  

Oxfordshire Tennis puts on a number of Junior tournaments each year - some of these are within Saturday Squad sessions some outwith.  Lots of fun is had by all along with LTA and Oxfordshire Tennis goodies!  Younger players are set a series of challenges to reap rewards.  Some latest tournaments: Monster Smash, US Open Tournament, French Open etc.



22nd JULY-23rd AUG

For further information and bookings click here 

Tennis Camp is a great opportunity for junior and mini members to improve their tennis skills under the guidance of our Head Coach Jon Howey from Oxfordshire Tennis and his experienced coaching team.  It is hugely popular and a load of fun - so get booking!


Easter Tennis Camp 2024 will run from 1st-12th April .   We will be running a tuck shop during a mini break mid session.  Parents/carers - it would be really helpful to us  if your child had coins to pay rather than notes.  As the sessions are quite long children might want to bring along a healthy snack (no nuts please) as well as the important named bottle of water.  Please note there are aways water refill stations on court.

Our youngest players may be given more frequent  breaks on court as necessary as well as the main mini break mid session. Please read full camp safety notes below.

Easter Tennis Camp - An action packed event of coaching, tennis games, drills, skills, and fun competitions.  The countdown begins...!


MONDAY  9-12midday

TUESDAY  2-5pm

WEDNESDAY  9-12midday


FRIDAY  9-12midday

Any combination of days or sessions can be booked. 



Click on the link below which will direct you to the EASTER TENNIS CAMP 2024 booking page of the Oxfordshire Tennis website. Once on the page, Click on BOOK to access the schedule.  Once on the SCHEDULE go to the bottom and click SEE MORE and scroll down to show the Tennis Camp sessions. Click on a session to select - look to the right of the page for further details.

Places are limited, early booking is recommended as sessions get snapped up quickly.  Remember to take note of  any discount codes before clicking on the link below.


  • 10% off usingcheckout voucher code 'SIBLING-10' Please note - this cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Early Bird discount 15% off.  Using checkout voucher code: 'EASTER-EARLY-BIRD-15'  This applies to bookings recieved by 9th March 2024 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Group Booking Discount 25%off. Group booking discount  applies on all weekly bookings.  Using checkout voucher code: 'GROUP-25'  This cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


IMPORTANT CAMP SAFETY (Parents/carers please read)

Parents/carers – As the weather is cold just a wee reminder we are outdoors in all weathers!  If the weather is cold please make sure players have a suitable coat or waterproof they can wear, dependant on weather conditions - please make sure they can still move their arms properly in order to play!  Gloves don't always work, but for littlest ones/Super Minis you can try putting one glove on their non-dominant hand as sometimes that can help. In the amazing event of sun (wishful thinking) please ensure children have sunscreen applied before attending the session and have a named water bottle with them and a named cap to keep the sun out of their eyes.

For Health and Safety reasons - no jewellery or toys please. If you are giving your child a snack to take along, please ensure snacks are nut free, thank you. Children attending a double session wil need a suitable snack as they will be working hard (having fun) during their sessions.


Enquiries/Contacting the Head Coach

Jon is recieving a high level of enquiries at the moment, so should you wish to secure a place on a camp please book on the events tab on the Oxfordshire Tennis website  www.oxfordshiretennis.co.uk when bookings are open.  Any other issues, difficulties or enquiries  please contact him using his email address below.  Jon is on court most of the time so you may not get an immediate response to your enquiry, but he will get back to you as quickly as he can. Thank you.